Ways to Avoid Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a major problem in many cities across the United States. The trash that people illegally dump can cause a wide range of problems including: spreading diseases, attracting pests, and even causing fires. This blog post will discuss four ways to avoid illegal dumping so you don’t have to deal with these dangerous issues!

1) Careful Monitoring

The municipal authorities can act as the watchdogs of a cleaner habitat by assigning surveillance duties to individuals. As a joint effort by officials as well as members of the community, this keeps illegal dumpers at bay and helps keep our society clean.

2) Regular Clean-ups

Dumping is an issue that sucks. Illegal dumping would not be the first time people have come together for the greater good, and it won’t be the last! An enthusiastic group of 300 activists in British Columbia has already made this happen before us. Communities everywhere need to step up their game when it comes to protecting our landscapes; there are plenty of ways we can create such groups- social networking or volunteering organizations are a few examples. Take Pride Winnipeg is one initiative where communities rally around littering issues in your hometowns from coast-to-coast!

3) Awareness & Education

There are a number of ways to avoid being caught with the waste you produce, but it starts by having awareness for these rules. Public events can further this knowledge and keep people from breaking them all together!

4) Constant Vigilance

Keep your property free of illegal waste dumping by installing fences, surveillance cameras and even alarms that signal when there is movement. These are common security measures that can be extended to keep the surroundings clean as well!

The penalties for illegal dumping in some cases are fines up to $150,000 or imprisonment. Call Jake’s Junk Removal Oakland today to receive a free estimate (and help with junk removal) without having lift a finger yourself – it’s all taken care of so you don’t have worry about anything else but how happy you’ll feel knowing everything looks better because we’re here!

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