Carpet Replacement And Construction Waste Disposal

Carpet replacement is a significant expense for most homeowners. It’s the same with construction waste disposal, but more so. When you are replacing your flooring or remodeling a room, there will be materials that need to be removed and discarded. There can also be hazardous materials like lead paint which require specialized removal and disposal procedures to protect everyone living in the home from exposure. Read on for some tips on how to make sure all of this goes as smoothly as possible!

Transforming Your Home with a New Floor Covering

Everything is greener on the other side of carpeting. There are few things that can compare to walking into a home with newly installed new floor coverings, from elegant hardwood planking and faux wood floors; to classic carpets which offer luxurious softness and warmth throughout your house: but there’s something else green (or blue) in this equation – you’ll save money!

Wood floors are a classic choice for many homeowners looking to add elegance and warmth to their living space. But if you’re on the fence about which type of wood flooring is best, engineered hardwood may be your perfect solution! Engineered wooden flooring provides both low-maintenance durability at an affordable price point that can’t be beat by traditional oak or walnut options available in stores today.

Wood-look flooring options such as laminate and vinyl are still strong contenders for the number one spot in flooring choices. They have improved technology that not only mimics the look and feel of real hardwood, but is far more water resistant than ever before – making them a great choice if you’re looking to save on maintenance costs! Take your pick from an array of colors or stain these materials with any color desired; they can be customized to fit just about anyone’s taste.

But what all these flooring choices have in common – aside from many of them mimicking the look of hardwood – is that they require pulling up and disposing of the old floor material. Whether carpet, tile, linoleum or some older version for vinyl laminate; it’s all gotta go!

And you might think handling this yourself would be a major task? It sure seems like one but thankfully professional companies can handle just about anything…even your floors.

Disposing of Old Carpet and Other Construction Waste

One of the best things about calling an expert junk and construction debris removal company like Jake’s Junk Removal Oakland is that we can often be there same day. We have all the resources to take away your old carpet or other flooring material quickly, efficiently, and safely. 

Frugal customers rejoice!

At Jake’s Junk Removal Oakland, we take the time and make the effort to recycle as much of everything we pick up as possible. In fact, on average, 60% of what comes in is recycled! We always work green because that’s how business has always been done at our company – eco-friendly for a greener future.

When you’re ready to get rid of all the old carpet, padding, and other debris from your flooring renovation project just give us a call or book an appointment online. We’ll make that part of your new flooring project easy and painless with our expert cleaners who will do everything on their own!

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